The world needs
more geeks.

The clever, slightly
obsessive kind.

The eyes and ears on every journey who steer the course.

The coxswain in the winning boat.

Hello, we are Ninth Seat
and we are those geeks.

We do

Believe that our job as researchers is to find and tell the strategic story, powerfully

Ensure our teams are led by experienced senior researchers, who are experts at the design, the doing and the delivery

Listen! And only then design a tailored approach which will best deliver against the brief. We have quantitative, qualitative, digital and consultancy tools at our disposal.

We don’t

Off-the-shelf projects
Limit our thinking to the confines of a brief or even a category
Sell senior, deliver junior
Sit on the fence
Sugar coat tough news
Deliver reportage and call it insight

Why us?

Research agencies typically have similar menus of services. Clients choose us because we stand out in how we approach projects, relationships and storytelling.


It’s rare that I come out of a meeting feeling both intellectually satisfied and totally elated. I did today. A skilful collaboration all-round that will have a profound effect on our work. I can see this outcome lasting many years. Ninth Seat are a class act

Marketing Director, Charity


Something that does set Ninth Seat apart is their ability to tell the story. I'm trying to think of another agency that does a good job on that and I don't think I have one.

Head of Insight, Technology


Ninth Seat are true partners, they never paint by numbers but get underneath our business issues and work with us to build the right plan to get to some amazing answers.

Insight Director, Technology


Ninth Seat are naturally adaptable and flexible which means they can always find and deliver an approach to respond to changing business needs and external environment.

Head of Insight, Travel and Tourism

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